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Asian Signers is an IRS-registered charitable organization. Contributing to various projects that promote and benefit Asian signing communities is what we believe in our work. We can make a difference.

Smita is an Asian woman with long black hair, wears black-framed glasses, dangly blue earrings, a yellow headband, and mustard yellow long sleeves. Sagar is an Asian man with short salt and pepper hair who wears a red t-shirt and glasses. He holds a black backpack over his shoulder.

Smita: Hello, Asian Signer is a 501c3 non-profit organization, which is an IRS-registered charitable organization. Our mission is to give exposure to different cultural diversities and Asian representations, as well as education. Your donation will help Asian Signers with needed types of equipment for shooting and editing video etc. With excellent quality videos, we can show more stories for you guys.

Sagar: Hello, where do I donate money to support Asian Signers?

Smita: On our website, there are blue icons that you can click to donate to us.

Sagar: I see; thank you

Smita: Thank you bye. If you have any questions, please contact us; thank you.