What is Asian Sign Story?

It is Asian ASL Storytelling. We release monthly events on pre-recorded live via our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube) by Asians and Asian-Americans. We sign various tales in ASL regarding culture, heritage, history, and more. We believe, “Asian representation matters” because we are the role models to Asian signing children to embrace their ethnic identities. Note that voice interpretation is offered for hearing family members to watch with Deaf/Hard of Hearing children together.

Why is literature important?

Hundreds of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children are born to hearing families. Unfortunately, many experience the lack of cultural knowledge, communication, and resources due to various factors. They have expressed wanting to communicate with their family members in signed language, so they can share their thoughts, feelings, views, et cetera. Not just that, they often wish to learn more about their family’s history, background, folktales, culture, and more. The same for some families, they also have expressed wanting to talk to their Deaf/Hard of Hearing child (or children). However, both face ineffective communication because of various challenges in life. That is where Asian Literature in ASL comes in with goals to offer diverse Asian storytelling in ASL and to provide language access for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and signing children.


January 2020 | China

“The Race for the Chinese Zodiac”

Who won in the first place?

Signer: Lee Ann Tang

March 2020 | Japan

“Guri and Gura”

What are they making?

Signer: Andy Tao

April 2020 | Japan

“Grandfather’s Journey”

Where did he travel to?

Signer: Andy Tao

November 2020 | India

“The Story of Diwali”

Would the princess be rescued?

“The Festival of Lights”

What are they honoring for?

Signers: Payal Sweet & Jerrin George

December 2020 | Japan

“Tree of Cranes”

What did he receive?

Signer: Shari Kido


February 2021 | China

“Ruby’s Wish”

What is her wish?

Signer: Nan Zhou

March 2021 | Philippines

“The Black Kitten”

What is wrong with the black kitten?

Signer: Rhona Rodriquez

April 2021 | South Korea

“The Name Jar”

What does her name mean?

Signer: Julie Cho

May 2021 | China

“Eyes that Kiss in the Corners”

What do her eyes tell you about?

Signers: Haruna & Oceana Matsumoto

June 2021 | Vietnam

“The Lotus Seed”

What does it give?

Signer: Isabella Luciano


January 2023 | China

“A Sweet New Year for Ren”

What is her sweet new year?

Signer: Melody Stein

March 2023 | China

“The Empty Pot”

Who loves flowers?

Signer: Mika Hongyu